My PMS Kits is a monthly subscription box designed by and for women to help them survive their monthly cycle. With over 100,000 customization combinations you can truly make your kit fit your every need! Whether you need tampons, pads, menstrual cups or all little of all three there is a Kit just for you! It doesn’t stop with the hygiene products either! You can select different beauty, essential oil, pain relief, and treat options to truly make your Kit help you during this dreaded week. Now there is one more cherry on top…we will send you your Kit right when you need, just tell us what day you normally start and we will send your Kit to your right around the time the flow start coming!
My PMS Kits is all about empowering talented driven women to help drive the vision of My PMS Kits and this is why we have several teams staffed by all women to help My PMS Kits with its various tasks. Everything from content creation to customer servicewomen is selected for their amazing talent and rewarded for all their hard work with a free Kit every month. 
My PMS Kits wants to not only be the only stop shop for women’s feminine hygiene needs or helping provide amazing women with more experience in a field they are interested in exchange for a free kit! We also want to give back to those in need. We do this by donating a dollar for every Kit purchased to buy feminine hygiene products for homeless women all across the country!
Removing the stigma and awkwardness that surrounds periods, providing our subscribers everything they need to be delivered to their door every month, helping and growing talented women in our various teams, and providing hygiene products for those in need. We want to be the change the world needs. Period!
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