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How We Work

Step 1

  • Tell Us

  • What You

  • Need to

  • Survive

Step 2

  • Watch

  • Your

  • door

Step 3

  • Show

  • Mother

  • Nature

  • Who's

  • Boss

Our Mission:

Every girl knows the feeling when she starts her period. The whole world comes to a sudden stop and thoughts of what the next several days will contain. Everything from mood swings, bloating, cramps, fatigue, and the fear of sneezing or laughing a little too hard and feeling the rush of the red waterfall. All of this inspired the creation of My PMS Kits. Our goal is to give every woman the tools, advice and treats she needs to make that week flow a little smoother. Using this kit will help protect everyone from shark week.

The Kit
We believe in providing the best experience for the worst time for women. This is why all of our hygiene products are organic. Most feminine hygiene products contain bleach and fragrances which are harmful and irritating to the uterus. Going organic helps reduce irritation and helps things flow smoother.
Natural Remedies
On top of organic products we also provide natural methods of pain reduction for period symptoms. Everything from heating pads, essential oils, and tips / tricks proven to reduce bloating, fatigue, cramps and mood swings. Chocolate! Yes, we'll provide that! With these kits, you will be more than prepared to take on mother flow and slay every day!

Women Helping Women
More than 25% of the homeless population in the United States are women. Most of them have no means of getting proper hygiene care during their period. This is why My PMS Kits donates $1 of every kit purchased to providing proper feminine hygiene care to homeless women. Along with providing the products we also educate communities about the need for these products. And the dangers that improper care can cause. So when you buy a PMS kit you are not only helping yourself, but you're helping other women in need.