The New My PMS Kits

My PMS Kits got its start in November 2016. I started it one night after complaining to my mom how annoying it was to have to run to the store whenever I start my period. If only there was a way for everything I need delivered to my door every month right as I need it. This concept dawned the birth of My PMS Kits.


I spent a year running My PMS Kits on a site called Cratejoy which is designed to host subscription boxes. But, I decided after a year of operating like this and learning.  That is was time to embark on the journey making this company everything I had imagined.


Everything had to change, the website, logo, boxes, cost, products, marketing, branding the only thing that is remaining from the original idea was the name and concept of what My PMS Kits stood for. Along with changing the look of the company the mission also changed. Not just, “providing women with all of their feminine hygiene products,” but rather changing the way periods are perceived. Removing the taboo and unspoken secret that women have periods. I want it to be a normal conversation, one that both men and women can discuss freely. How I would like to do this is bring a humor into it. Remove the discomfort by making people laugh at it. Calling it weird un-formal names such as, Mother Flow, The Red River, The Beast, and much more.


But, I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to educate everyone on what is happening in the female body during the flow. Teaching women what is happening inside of them and what they can do to relieve some of the pain. Also, teaching men what is happening so they can sympathize with the women in their lives. When people understand what is happening they won’t be as scared, disgusted, or uncomfortable talking about it.


Since I’m a millennial (I was 18 when I started the company) I have a drive to give back to the people/ community around me. I didn’t want only provide products to the women who can afford my kits, I want to help every women in America. For every kit purchased I donate $1 to buying and providing feminine products to homeless women. Homeless people have always held a special place in my heart and I want to do everything I can to help them. I know when people donate to the homeless shelters they don’t think to donate feminine hygiene products. So, those women in need either go without or find some way to care for themselves which sometimes isn’t ideal or the most sanitary. I’m starting in Idaho (where I’m located) and hopefully will grow to span across the country helping homeless women get the proper supplies they need for their time of the month.


The change has taken a lot of time and energy. I’m not going to lie, there were times I questioned if it was even worth it. But, every time I’m packing up a kit I know it is going to bring some joy into a hormonal woman’s day when she opens it. Being a part of that makes it all worth it.


So, to all of you who have just subscribed, have been subscribed, or are considering it know that you have just as big of an impact on my life as I have on yours. This isn’t an ordinary subscription box. This is a kit with a mission to help every menstruating woman across the world. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!



CEO/ Founder of My PMS Kits

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