Essential Oils

Essential oils are more than just delightful aromas; they can actually help you in your daily life.

Learning about Essential Oils: For centuries people have been using essential oils. Now people are using oils more than conventional medicine. They are volatile fragrance made up of seeds, bark, flowers, roots, and other parts of plants. (Volatile just means it is easily changed from a solid or liquid to a gas at room temperature.) Each oil has a unique, profound sent.

Each oil has its own healing properties. When you sign up for your subscription if you select ESSENTIAL OIL for your kit you get ONE of the following helpful oils:


  • Tea Tree– anti-bacterial, inflammation, acne, cold sores


  • Rosemaryimmune system booster, anti depressant, helps with migraines


  • Orange- Energy, focus


  • Lemon Grass-muscle aches, nerve pain, and sore ligaments


  • Lavender– improves blood flow which reduces cramps, calms and relaxes your mind set


  • Eucalyptus- anti inflammatory property’s by helping reduce cramps also calming irritability
  • Frankincense- helps discomfort, relaxes mind from mood swings