Conquer Your Cramps

It goes after the end of a sentence and it happens to us ladies once a month..that’s right- we’re talking PERIODS. Periods are like that one family member who asks too many questions and just simply never seems to go away. They show up out of nowhere and are totally unwelcome! Sometimes they even bring unwelcomed guests with them aka CRAMPS. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning with an eventful day ahead of you and BOOM- a piercing pain in your abdomen that has no real solution to the pain. Do you ever wonder where they come from? What triggers cramps? HOW DO WE FINALLY GET RID OF THEM?! Keep reading, I got you.


There are a few different reasons you may be experiencing cramps…


1. You Have High Prostaglandin Levels

Not to worry- this is by far the most common cause of cramps. Prostaglandin is a hormone-like substance more commonly associated with giving birth; your body will sometimes introduce this hormone to help you along with your contractions. Having higher-than-normal levels of it in your blood at all times might also be why you’re prone to these painful cramps. See, “cramp” isn’t just slang for period pains, it’s an action taking place in your body when you feel period pain. The muscles of the contract powerfully to expel the lining. If you have high levels of prostaglandin levels, your uterus will contract more forcefully, leaving you feeling these painful cramps. Unfortunately, there is nothing one can do to lower prostaglandin levels in your body, but at least now you know why!


2. You Have Uterine Fibrosis

Fibroids are small, non-cancerous growths that can develop in or on the walls of the uterus and cause inflammation leaving you with nasty cramps. But they’re not actually a cause for massive panic- they’re very common and are thought to be linked with hormones such as estrogen. They do cause other menstrual conditions besides cramping- such as bleeding so heavy causes anemia- so do consider getting yourself checked out if you identify with several of the symptoms.


3. The Opening of Your Cervix Is Tiny

The fancy term for this is “uterine cervical stenosis”, but what it means is that the opening of your cervix is teeny-tiny. The reason for the serious cramping seems pretty obvious; the blood seems to be having a hard time passing through as it sheds from the lining of the uterus. The result is lots of cramps but very little bleeding. The cause of this is typically from having surgery or trauma to the cervix- it isn’t something that usually happens naturally. If you relate to this, I’d check out the doctor’s office ASAP since it doesn’t seem like too much of a good time.


How do we ultimately put a stop to cramps?

I’m still searching the globe for the magical answer to that my friends, however, I do know of numerous ways we can survive the moment when experiencing this serious pain.

1. Low-Fat Foods


2. Bring The Heat Up!


3. Exercise


In my next blog post, be prepared to jump head deep on these topics to finally end the pain of menstrual cramps!


Huge thank you to mypmskit (my_pms_kit on instagram) for collaborating with me on the topic all women should be talking about!

Until next time, xoxo



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