Challenges Homeless Woman Face During Their Period

Homeless Women & Their Periods

“Mother Nature” comes rolling in with her wonderful, unwanted, monthly gift. You not only feel the pressure of everyone around you, but to top it all off, you get those dreadful CRAMPS, too! Having to be a woman in this world is a full-time, never-ending job. Periods are never fun to put up with in the first place, now imagine being homeless when “Mother Nature” comes a knockin’. Having a period & being homeless means, not having any privacy to any safe & clean bathrooms. How about not being able to change your pad in the comfort of your own home? Makes for an even more difficult day, right?!
What are the difficulties a homeless woman faces during her period?
Not only are they searching for the next safest place to sleep or when & where their next hot meal may be, but many face the problem of keeping up with feminine hygiene. Daily, desperate situations arise amongst homeless people. But for a woman, receiving your period is more than just a couple of days worth of misery. Most likely you are:
  • bleeding through your only article of clothing.
  • worried more so about the odor that comes along with your period.
  • no control over the blood stains that are most likely showing.
  • worried about where you will receive new clothing.
  • wondering where you can even wash your clothes.
  • not even able to clean yourself.
Pads and tampons are rarely available, with no consistent or comfortable place to bathe. These women are being forced into creating creative ways to keep themselves clean when they get their periods. Can you imagine using dirty socks, paper towels, paper bags, toilet paper, towels, cotton balls, or even clothing you find on the streets in place of “normal”, sanitary items like pads & tampons? These women do. They are left with no choice but to hopefully find a place to clean these items & themselves, in little bathroom sinks.
Want to show your support? #TheHomelessPeriod encourages the public to donate sanitary pads & tampons directly to shelters-something to keep in mind the next time you rummage through your old clothes to donate to charity.
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