Removing the Stigma

Menstruation is a globally shared experience among all women… Women Everywhere understand what it’s like to get her period, we all have similar symptoms. And yet, menstruation is a globally stigmatized issue. 

But why? 
There is a long history of menstrual taboos across nearly all cultures.
Periods have been associated with shame, dirt and disgust.
There’s also a big impact of religious beliefs. Most of the major world religions (that were clearly invented for men by men) such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism view menstruation  as a sign of impurity and uncleanliness rather than looking at women’s period as a normal and natural part of the “Divine Creation”. 
Let’s face it, it is a topic that makes people uncomfortable/ embarrassed.
We’ve all been there, trying to hide our periods to avoid the awkwardness. From hiding tampons and pads at the bottom of the shopping cart, or keeping a used pad in your purse when there’s no trash can in your boyfriend’s bathroom… But, there’s no reason to hide out periods.
Just because we were taught from a young age that menstruation is “secret women’s business” and we have to manage it privately doesn’t mean it’s right. This is just a HUGE lack of health education. 
Break the silence!!! Let’s talk about periods! (with no shame). Let’s break the myths about them! Let’s break the taboo!!!
We have to educate young and old women (and men) about the menstrual cycle.
I want a better life for all the girls and women around the world, what about you?