Ginger for Period Pain

Ginger for Period Pain

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Like many of you, I LOVE the holidays. Getting the fam together, exchanging gifts, and, most of all, DELICIOUS FOOD!!! With Christmas quickly approaching, gingerbread house kits will start to take over store shelves, gingerbread spice lattes will appear at coffee shops, and gingerbread people will be exchanged all over the place. What do all these things have in common? GINGER.
Did you know that ginger is fantastic for your health? According to an article on Everyday Health by Rena Goldman, there are six ways that ginger can help out your body: soothing an upset stomach, reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar, reducing cancer risk, shortening/preventing a cold, and relieving cramps. That’s right, ginger can help relieve menstrual cramps (2018).
A recent study found that women who took two ginger capsules four times per day during menstrual pain had the same pain relief as those who took 400mg of ibuprofen capsules (Goldman, 2018). In another study, it was found that ginger actually reduced heavy bleeding during periods (Wong, 2018).
So, let’s break down how this works. Prostaglandins are these little chemicals in the body that trigger inflammation, and these are used during a woman’s period to trigger muscle contractions that help the uterus shed its lining. Gee, thanks prostaglandins (not). By consuming ginger during your period, it calms down your prostaglandins, cutting back on inflammation and therefore cramps (Wong, 2018).
Basically, you can ingest a very natural plant product and it can relieve pain just as well as ibuprofen, and it’s very easy to find various ways to consume ginger. You can make tea with it, eat soup with it, put it on fish, mix it into stir fries (kung pao chicken, anyone?), and, YES, even consuming it in baked goods works (Durand, 2018).
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So, take a bite of a gingerbread cookie, and savor it knowing that, not only is it ridiculously tasty but, it will help relieve your cramp related pain during your next period.


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