Why There’s Pain During Your Period

Why There Is Pain During Your Period

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There’s one universal truth that all women know: periods are painful. Cramps are literally the worst, and we all do whatever we can to try and alleviate that horrible pain. I’ve generally been too busy trying to feel better during that time of the month that I’ve never actually stopped to ask what causes the pain and why. Let’s be honest, while that’s going on we just want to know how to stop it.
But, hey, maybe you’re one of those lucky few that don’t experience pain during your period but I’m sure you’ve felt at least uncomfortable during it, and that is all thanks to a little thing call prostaglandins. These are a kind of hormone – and should it really be surprising that yet another hormone is raging in your body during that time of the month?
So, your prostaglandins are raging and they trigger inflammation in the body (and even pain). They are the number one hormone responsible for inflammation in the body as a whole – not just while you’re on your period, by the way. Anyways, the prostaglandins get to work and they trigger muscle contractions which is what helps your uterus shed its lining (Wong, 2018). Basically, they’re responsible for the whole thing, and I really blame them. Really.
And, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, periods can be super painful, and the higher levels you have of prostaglandins, the more painful your periods are because your hormones are triggering more severe cramps (Mayo Clinic).
There you have it – the how and they why of period pain. Now, how do you alleviate that pain, you ask? Check out other posts on this blog for tips on using various methods to make that time of the month a little better using things like essential oils, herbs, etc. In the meantime, let’s all take a moment to grumble at prostaglandins for overdoing it during that time of the month.
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