Why is Aunt Flo Irregular?

If your like me you like to know when things are going to happen. I absolutely hate surprises. So I like to know when my period is expected to come so I can plan to relax and take it easy for those days.

Yes, there are apps you can use to track but what happens when the day comes and your period doesn’t arrive? Panic starts. You start thinking if your pregnant or if you miscalculated and then you start stressing, then the next day or 2 it starts. But why did that happen?

It could be a irregular period. A number of things can make your period late or early.

Stress for me is a big reason my period is late or early. I stress over small things and then my whole body is thrown off track. Cortisol, or the stress hormone, can change how much progesterone and estrogen our body makes which has a direct impact on our period.

Birth control or medications can affect our period. If you just started a birth control regiment a irregular period could be a side effect. Other daily medications people take like aspirin, thyroid medication, and cold medication can delay your period, mostly because it affects our bodies progesterone and estrogen levels.

Too much exercise can cause your period to be irregular, who knew! This is because a drop in body fat or excessive exercising can throw our hormones out of whack and cause the late period. Not saying not to exercise because that is important for overall health, but maybe limit how long or how often.

Of course there are a whole list of reason and causes of a period being irregular but if you are concerned about your irregular period or think it could be more than just a period issue always call your doctor or your OB/GYN to talk and find out more information on your period and what you can do to make your cycles more regular.