Pink Tax

What is “Pink Tax” and why is this a thing?

“Pink Tax” is simply gender discrimination. We as women have to pay extra for feminine products, accessories, clothing, and more. Why is this happening? Did we ask to have “our friend” come each month? I don’t think so! When we go to purchase things like clothes, why do we have to pay more than men?

According to “USA Today”, women pay 8% more than men for clothing, and 13% more for deodorant. Yes, deodorant! The question is, does it really cost that much more for a fragrance?

Going back to feminine products, people consider that to be a “luxury” item. Extra tax we have to pay on feminine products are simply added as if they were “luxury” items. Since when was having your period a luxury? Ladies want to move around freely and wear certain clothes without having to worry about “our friend” showing.

So, what can we as women do to show that we don’t like this “Pink Tax”? You can perhaps by the male version (shaving cream, razors; Which I personally prefer most times), but if you don’t want to use items such as deodorant that has a masculine smell, you could perhaps get the unscented one. Some people have taken this to social media, by using the hashtags, #PinkTax #GrowingUpAGirl #GenderPricing and much more.

The next time you go out to purchase your products, make sure to compare them to the male version, and perhaps look for a natural/unscented version to save your hard-earned money.