History of Period Products

Ever wonder what women did a long time ago in history when they’re monthly “friend” came to visit? I’m taking it all the way back to 1850s and up to the current time, to get you informed on how times have changed, but were they for the better?

In the 1850s, women collected their menstrual flow through their aprons! Women would place rubber pieces over their bottom and between their skirts and underwear. Most people have said this way would be very heavy and stinky.

It wasn’t until about 1896 that the first feminine product actually went on sale. The product was called, “Lister’s Towels”. This didn’t really sell well at all, because it was new to everyone to actually purchase a feminine product.

In about 1920, Kotex sells the first pad. The pad was made, by cellulose, which was a cotton acrylic combination. These occurred around World War I, and after the war there were a lot of these in warehouses. In most commercials for this, you would see actors be nurses during what seemed to be a war. This is why.

In the 1930s, the first menstrual cup appeared. This was produced by Leona Chalmers. A person has stated that these weren’t popular, because people didn’t want to touch anything this bloody. Although, some will say this is the most effective.

Also in the 1930s, you get the first tampon! This was invented by a man named, Earle Hass and this wasn’t really made popular, until a woman named Gertrude Tendrich. She then founded Tampax after purchasing the tampon.

In 1969, a brand named Stayfree broadcasts the first pads with an adhesive bottom. This quickly replaced menstrual belts.

Finally, in the 2000s, reusable menstrual cups become VERY popular. A lot of women tend to go for these over tampons and pads, mainly for the material. These cups are made out of latex and silicone.

A lot has changed over the years for period products. Which one was your favorite?