Myths and Facts about your Period

If you’re like me you have heard a lot of different facts and myths about our periods and never know which one is fact and which one is a myth. I will be sorting through which ones are facts and which ones are a myth and some may be funny and some are serious.

– If you swim in the sea during your periods, you will be attacked by sharks! This is a big urban myth. There is no research or evidence to support this.

– Female elephants, humpback whales, and human are the only mammals to undergo menopause. True. No other mammals go through menopause.

– Menstruation causes extreme blood loss. Myth. The average woman may lose only 8-10 teaspoons of blood in one cycle. The amount does vary from woman to woman and extreme blood loss is rare.

– The human female egg is the largest cell in the human body. Fact. Its the only cell that can be seen by the naked eye.

– Women should not have sex during periods. Myth. There is no rule saying you can’t have sex while on your period it’s more of a personal choice. – Up until age 18, most periods are irregular. Fact. The body is still working on getting everything in a perfect working system.

– Women must avoid dairy products and certain foods during your period. Myth. Your body may thank you for the extra dairy. There is no list of food to avoid just make sure you eat right and eat healthily.

– A woman can get pregnant during her period. Fact. Sperm can live up to a week inside the body and may attach to an egg if a woman doesn’t know her ovulation cycle.

– During menstruation, women should avoid drinking cold beverages. They should also avoid walking around barefoot, as the cold can make the cramps worse. Myth. Cramps usually come from the uterus and your diet has no effect on them.

– You should not wash your hair during your period. Myth. Big Fat Myth. It is very important to maintain your hygiene, especially during your period. Washing your hair may make you feel better.

I know this isn’t all of the myths and facts but some of these I hear often. Some are silly, some are important. It’s always important to remember if you think someone is pulling your leg on something about your period or menstrual health you can always call your doctor or OB/GYN and find out for sure. Also, there are websites you can always do a quick fact check on.

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