The Pros and Cons of Panty Liners

Are panty liners actually good for us, and if so, what exactly are the benefits? In this post, we’ll uncover the great things about panty liners, and the “not so great” things.

First off, let’s start of with the pros. When you’re having discharge or a low flow day, wearing a panty liner is so much better than wearing a pad. Other times that you may want to use panty liners are when you’re facing discharge, especially after postpartum. Panty liners are also good for when you have a tampon in, but still want it there for an extra protection of leakage. Some people even wear liners to prevent a “camel toe.”

Now, the cons of panty liners. Wearing a panty liner every single day, is not healthy. You are more likely to get some infections, which can be very uncomfortable, especially if the panty liners are scented. You could get irritations, rashes, and redness, which doesn’t sound fun at all, especially for our most sensitive part of our body. Panty liners are also not meant to be worn during your time of mensuration. The panty liners are meant for a light holding of blood, which is also why you should change it frequently.

Hopefully this helped you in your future use of wearing panty liners!