What Size Are You?

Have you ever stood in the period aisle of any store and looked and seen all the different sizes and wonder why there are so many? Well everyone is a different size so that means there need to be different sizes in pads.

Now when I was in Jr. High we had a week of health class dedicated to us girls and finding out what size pad we needed to wear. I was embarrassed having someone trying to “size me” for a pad. But, it seemed like no matter what I tried I always had “accidents” and had to hide in the janitor room until my parents came and got me because I was so embarrassed.

Now that I am all grown up I have found my true fit. If it was this easy when I was in Jr. High I wouldn’t have had to miss school.

So the question is, what size pad should I wear and how do I find out? Well, I am here to help.

So to find the right size of pad its can go by two different ways. One, by how much you bleed and two, what size pants you are.

Now each day our flow can be different from the day before. Somedays its light and the very next day its heavy. Choosing a pad for the right amount of absorbance can be the difference between being fine or having to leave a party early because you leaked. For me, I can use a regular pad on my light days and on my first day of my period and I use a super pad for those heavy days. These sizes are almost like the ones you use for tampons but do not go pass super.

Now if you choose a pad by pant size most boxes have the size guide on the back. Now not all are gonna be true due to how much you bleed but this is usually close in size. Always is a brand that has the sizing chart on the back. Also, some of these pads can be thick or thin. For that, it would all come down to what feels comfortable.

So the next time you are standing there looking at all the pads, or ordering a My PMS Kit from our website (which I would recommend) just keep in mind on how your cycle is and what size you are.

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